Sunday, October 21, 2012

Final orchid paintings, aloha to Hawaii, mahalo to all

My last evening here in Hawai'i, in the village of Napo'opo'o. The waves crash, yet the air is still. I reflect on the closing of orchid painting workshop, and the lovely work done by all. Amber, our chef par excelence, who made yummy healthy meals of fish, fruit, and lots of leafy greens, here looking very serious (as she is preparing pupus and pizzas for 15 of us at our final dinner):

I like the pens hanging off her apron! Sue, with her work on the wall (we share our art with the neighbors during this closing "show" and dinner celebration):

Here is Sue's final piece:

(Pardon quality of scans, but isn't this a beautiful painting?)

Her sister Jane's with her work, and following that, her final piece:

Lovely work Jane; I especially like the foliage. Last but not least, Robyn with her work, and her final piece for the workshop:

Again, lovely. Robyn would want me to tell you that the "alien" painting near her head is actually a straight-on look at an orchid column, cap removed, and not a portrait of a friend or family member!

In addition to Amber, who is nothing short of incredible, and the students, who were a dream to work with, I wish to thank Pam and Mike, our hosts, Christopher (owner/operator of Pacific Orchid Farms, and supplier of our orchids), and all of the understanding and supportive neighbors of this wonderful little village. Pictured below, Christopher, his lovely lady Keala, and neighbor Nancy Griffith (an extremely interesting person...deserving a blog of her own...) at our evening celebration. Mahalo to all, until next year, Linda

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