Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sue's Day One Orchid Paintings

Sue bravely said she would share her paintings from Day 1 of our orchid painting workshop with the world.

First, her 15 minute sketch of a white-flowered Oncidiinae orchid:

She thought it was a great loosening up exercise.

Next her value study of the same orchid (a way to get to know the orchid better, and study darks and lights):

Sue's comments on the value study were, "oops", the lower sepal on the left was hiding behind the rest of the orchid flower, so she would, on her next painting, use "artistic license" and put it in. She also commented that getting the right value is harder than you might think, but it makes you focus on bringing the image into 3D.

At this point she had two different perspectives of the same orchid flower, so she decided to put them together in one piece:

This image was made by tracing each of the two previous flowers in the positions that they would be in if they were on the same plant. This painting is on hot press using Winsor Newton "Neutral Tint" (a blackish-gray color); the previous painting was on cold press, also using Neutral Tint. NOTICE: the added lower left sepal that was missing in the previous painting! Sue's comment on this final piece for the day is: "practice, practice makes perfect!"

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